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Custom Clearance

Brunswick International a global shipping business

Comprehensive Customs Solutions

Working with your team. Brunswick International will bring our expertise, in Comprehensive custom solutions to ensure your products have the smoothest possible journey to their destination.

EUR1 Creation & Stamping

An EUR1 document is used to help you claim preferential treatment in order to pay less customs duties with countries in which the UK has a Free Trade Agreement with.

Import & Export Declarations

Our team will provide you with the necessary documentation that lists all your products that are either being Imported or Exported to their destination. Brunswick International will have you covered with any queries or concerns you may have.

Country of Origin Certificates

A Country of Origin certificate, are required when you are moving your products to another market. This document tells authorities were your products was produced, manufactured or processed. And its country of origin. Brunswick International will help you get these certificates to help you get your products to market.


Depending on where your products are going. You may require a T1 or T2 document. A T1 transport document refers to products that are produced in or for use outside the EU. A T2 transport document refers to products that are produced in or for use within the EU. Our team will help you determine the appropriate documentation for your products. 

IPAFF Notifications

If your moving animals, food or feed systems into the United Kingdom you will require a IPAFF Notification. This is to ensure the relevant custom authorities are aware of what is being brought into the country and whether it poses a threat to the UK's Flora or Fauna. At Brunswick our team will help you step by step through the IPAFF process. 


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