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Sea Freight Shipping

At Brunswick International we have some of the industries leading international freight forwarders who have developed relationships with all major global companies in the shipping industry. If you are looking for a freight forwarder then Brunswick International is the one for you. We have developed from our Liverpool office the most extensive network of port controllers in the world, ensuring that your goods are delivered safely and securely. Brunswick International Sea Freight options covers all major routes in Europe, North America, Latin America and the Far East. 

Shipping Containers

Sea Freight

At Brunswick International Freight, we pride ourselves as one of the UK’s leading sea and ocean freight forwarders. We can provide a wide range of freight services with our global connections; we can transport your items in the fastest and most efficient way possible.


Whether goods for your business or furniture for your home, we can get your items to you or their destination quickly and safely. Our door-to-door service allows you to find sea freight shipments for competitive prices; a typical cargo ship can provide sea freight cheaper than most other transport modes, with flexible sea freight times.


We work with some of the largest seaports in the UK and Globally; you can trust that you are in safe hands when you choose Brunswick International. We have twenty years of experience in the sea freight industry and have become renowned across the UK for the sea freight services we offer.


With our reputation over the years, we certainly don’t need to go “door to door” to attract new clients. Much of our business comes from referrals from existing customers. All we need is to check your destination country, and we can transport cargo for you in no time!


We always do our very best to ensure your desired delivery date is met. Hence, whether you’re looking to transport large shipments or smaller quantities of goods, we are ready and waiting to help in any way we can.


Be sure to contact us for all your sea shipping needs! If you are looking for express freight services, choose our air or road freight.


What is Sea Freight

Sea Freight is the most common way of transporting goods and materials around the world in the most efficient and timely manner as possible. This takes several forms:

  • Full Container Load (FCL) in which a single shipment is loaded into a single container which may be 20-45ft long.

  • Less than Container Load (LCL), where several shipments share a single container and are then split at their destination.

  • Roll On- Roll Off (RORO), in which lorries and other vehicles drive onto the ship with their cargo safely secured for the journey and then simply drive off at their destination.

  • Dry Bulk Shipping is used for commodities such as metals or aggregates and can be dropped or poured into the hold of the ship rather than being loaded via container.

Cargo Ship at Port

Sea freight Services

At Brunswick International we bring the most comprehensive experience and expertise on offer allowing; You the best global shipping options for your company. Whatever your International sea freight needs, supply chain inbound, outbound, and cross trade services and whole and part container loads. Utilizing our extensive relationships with the Globes major shipping lines, we can offer solutions individually tailored to your needs. If your based in the UK or further afield and our looking for a company that specializes in Sea Freight then don't hesitate to get in touch with Brunswick International today to find out more about our offerings. These include:

  • Groupage (LCL)

  • Consolidation Services

  • Full Container Load

  • Break Bulking

  • Project Cargoes and Out of Gauge

  • Global Cross Trade Services

  • Container Load and Unloading

  • Hazardous Materials

Sea Freight Forwarding

For Sea Freight Services, get in touch with Brunswick International today, we have developed an extensive list of clients and expertise to ensure your products arrive at their destination safely and securely. If your an Industry veteran or this is your first time shipping a product. Don't worry our team of experts are here to help and guide you through the process. We have been shipping goods internationally for years now; so from Europe to South America and many other destinations worldwide, we can get your cargo from port to door in the most cost-efficient way. Moreover, we can also provide advice and guidance on the required sea freight importing and exporting documents that you may need. We make it our priority to provide you with both a stress-free and professional sea shipping service.

Cargo Ship at Sea

Sea Freight Companies

At Brunswick International, we aim to provide a wide range of sea freight services to our customers and clients across the UK; with this in mind at Brunswick International we aim to make sure that goods are transported in the safest and fastest way possible and what’s more, we also aim to provide a range of related services such as storage and delivery services, not just sea freight.


Our Sea Freight Shipping services from our Liverpool office; are available virtually anywhere and everywhere across the globe. From local businesses to international companies, at Brunswick International, we will ensure that we can help and support all types of businesses, brands, and shipments. Air freight times can be faster, but sea freight would be the best way for things like transporting heavy machinery goods correctly.


At Brunswick International, our team will work closely with you to ensure that all of your air and sea freight needs are met; with this in mind, we’ll ensure that you receive both a professional and efficient service. Whichever container your cargo is in, we always ensure it is safe and secure and that your shipment arrives intact.


Make Brunswick International your first choice when you require a sea freight forwarder or air freight in the UK. We have a wealth of experience in the sea freight and air freight industry and can cost-effectively transport any type of item.


Our delivery shipments are all labelled with the correct shipping documentation. Ensuring your products have a smooth transit to their destination. 

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Sea Freight from the Globe to the UK

Sea freight from other parts of the Globe to the UK comes into play often when urgent cargo is required. 


Transit times vary depending on cost and urgency, but we can arrange them to suit your requirements. Brunswick International can handle freight shipping via sea or sea.


Brunswick International Sea Freight Services offers a high-quality sea freight service from the UK to Europe, North America, Latin America or the Far East. We specialize in global freight forwarding services, especially in China, the Far East, Australasia, and North America. Also, our sea freight rates are highly competitive for high and lower loads, ensuring that we are the most cost-effective way of transporting goods.


Our services are popular amongst commercial and private clients because of their convenience, speed, and excellent service. We provide honest, accurate quotations for your order and extensive support service to give you advice and guidance throughout the process.


Having offered Sea Freight service for some time now, we have become the first choice for many. Nothing is off-limits for us, so if you’re looking to ship goods from anywhere on the Globe to the UK, let none other than our professionals at Brunswick International help.

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