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Cross Trade

When it comes to International Shipments, there are a number of options open to businesses looking to move their products to market. The most suitable largely depends on the product you are looking to ship, it's size, time sensitivity etc. One such option which Brunswick International Freight is a national leader in is Cross Trade. Heavily influenced by globalized nature of the worlds economy. This page will explain to you the complexities of this model of shipping and how our specialist at Brunswick International Freight can help moving your product to market.

What are Cross Trade Benefits?

Also known as triangular trade or intermediation trade, cross trade occurs when cargo is shipped from one country to another without passing through the country in which Brunswick International is registered in. In this case the UK. This is enabled by companies utilizing Brunswick Internationals technology and team members to facilitate the movement of cargo via Cross trade. 

Cargo shipped in this manner can be through Sea, Air, Road. Depending largely on nearest exit point found near the manufacturer/supplier and the entry point found nearest delivery point.

What are the different types of Cross Trade

There are three types of Cross trade shipments. The main differences here depend on the countries locations for the manufacture, supplier and shipper. These three types include:

  • Intra- Community Triangular Operations- In this set up, all countries are based inside the European Union (EU).

  • Triangular (extra community) Operations mix- In this setup, the manufacturer or supplier are based outside the EU but both the end customer and shipper are.

  • Pure (extra community) Triangular Operations- Here neither the manufacturer or the end customer is based in the EU but the shipper is.

How Do They Benefit Businesses

At Brunswick International Freight a large portion of our customers utilize Cross Trade for a number of the following reasons.

Shorter Transportation Times

Instead of having a product shipped to the company's home country and then forward this on to the customer, cross trade shipping allows you to eliminate this step. In return this results in shorter transportation times.

Lower Supply Chain Costs

When working with Brunswick International Freight you will be able to reduce the costs of your supply chain. This will enable you to reduce excessive shipping fees

High Efficiency

These services are managed by industry experts. This ensures that efficiency of cargo movements to all connection points are maintained. At Brunswick International Freight we offer Cross Trade support to all of our customers. So if you think your business would benefit from Cross Trade don't hesitate to get in touch with the team today.

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