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Servicing the Liverpool City Region for over 30 years, Brunswick International Freight has a proud and extensive history of getting our clients freight anywhere in the world in a timely and safe manner. We pride our selves by our mission statement.

  • Ensuring our customers always have a member of staff ready to talk to them regarding any issues.

  • Maintain a high quality of service at all times.

  • All staff fully qualified and motivated to achieve their best at at all times.

  • Global presence in all major ports and airports.

  • Working to bring new customers into the Brunswick family and delivering for them at all times.

So if your looking to move your freight to new markets then utilizing Brunswick International Freight is the way to go for you and your company. Having served the Liverpool City Region and Northern England for over 30 years we believe we are the only freight company that can get your freight to were it needs to be in a safe and timely manner. So don't hesitate to get in touch today and let our team help your team achieve great things.

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