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At Brunswick International we have over twenty years experience working in the shipping and freight industry from the heart of Liverpool, specializing in import and export of a wide variety of cargo. Over the past twenty years we have enjoyed continual international expansion. Brunswick International now operates all over the world from Latin America, to East Asia, bringing your products to the global market, in a timely and proficient manner. Our expert employees will be able to guide you through the complexities of Global Trade and Tariff regimes that you will encounter as you move your Products to Market. 

Brunswick International Freight Company Headquarters
Our Vision


At Brunswick International we take pride in helping our Customers get their products to market. As a leading Freight company in Liverpool we have enjoyed continual growth over the last two decades to become one of the United Kingdoms leading freight companies.


Our Vision is to help and guide our customers on a journey of getting their products to a global market, with industry leading expertise, facilities and experience there is nothing that Brunswick International cannot handle or help with.

Brunswick International trailer for customer
Company Profile


As a company we take great pride in being from Liverpool, which has a great and proud maritime history. At Brunswick International we aim to continue that legacy by getting our customers products to Market were ever they are on the planet.


As a result you will be able to rely on Brunswick International to Import or Export your products from their place of origin to their destination were ever they may be. This expertise is based on a solid foundation that has built Brunswick International into one of the leading freight shipping companies in the United Kingdom.   

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