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What is Truly integrated Logistics?

Logistics can be quite overwhelming if you don't have a trusted partner with you. When businesses need to move freight from one place to another. From factory to customer, business will usually need to juggle different providers for different stages of their supply chain. With a number of different types of transport involved whether that's a combinations of Air Freight, Sea Freight or a combination of all types. Every piece more complicated and more fragile than the next, and that's before you get to customs documentation.

Having a partner by your side that is able to navigate this complicated world of ever changing regulations and documents, is vital to business success and survival. That is why it is important for a small, medium or large business to partner with Brunswick International Freight who will be able to provide assistance throughout the process of delivering your Freight to its destination.

What are the Components of Truly Integrated Logistics?

Today, not many providers can offer truly integrated logistics solutions. This is because a high level of network (global reach) needs to be combined with an equally high-level of flexibility, digital capabilities, and resilience. The majority of logistics providers “compete at different legs of the transport and fulfilment services, and at several critical junctures in the market, at Brunswick International Freight we are able provide a fully integrated logistics system for our customer. From providing the correct custom documents, through to Warehousing provisions to, Shipping your products for you. To be truly integrated requires:

Partnership: prospecting customer’s needs and pain points identification.

  • Infrastructure: asset’s availability and network capabilities for multimodal solutions.

  • Transportation: connections via land, air, water, etc.

  • Storage: warehousing and handling (with continuous enhancements).

  • Technology: programming and tools to enhance pre-existing and future networks.

  • Digitalisation: easily provided visibility, real-time data mapping and AI forecasting.

  • Expertise: people-driven and proactive support with prompt solution.

What are the Benefits of Integrated Logistics.

Why is integrated logistics important and how can it help? Truly integrated logistics eliminates confusion and makes it easy for customers to deal with just one brand, one legal entity, one expert, one support service - one partner all the way through. It’s about visibility, knowing where all cargo is at every step of the journey. It enables businesses to:

  1. Realise untapped business potential

  2. Enter new markets

  3. Maximise sales

  4. Pivot towards new opportunities

  5. Capitalise on demand

  6. Minimise inventory holding

And combing all of this together, ultimately, will gain your business a competitive advantage and that is were Brunswick International Freight can help.

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