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What Is Excise Duty And When Is It Payable?

For some goods entering the UK it is necessary to pay excise duty in addition to any customs duty you may be required to pay. This is applicable to both Import & Export of excise goods in the UK this applies to the following goods.

  • Alcoholic Beverages, including low alcohol beverages.

  • Imported composite goods containing alcohol.

  • Tabaco Products.

  • Hydrocarbon Oil.

  • Imported composite goods containing mineral oils.

  • Goods covered by the Climate Change Levy such as gas and electricity.

  • Biofuels.

The rate of excise duty is varied depending not only on the product category being imported but the product being imported from that category. An example being wine, a higher level of excise duty is raised if their are higher levels of alcohol, whilst, for beer the amount of excise duty depends on the size of the manufacturer and the country in which it is manufactured.

Given the variable rates of excise duty, the importance of utilizing the country's correct commodity code for your shipments is of paramount importance, to ensure that correct excise duties are applied against you imported goods, along with any additional taxes and duties that may apply. Any goods that have not paid the applied duties will be liable to seizure by UK Customs Enforcement.

Depending on the nature of your imports, it may be possible to apply for duties relief from excise duty. Circumstances where such eventualities, may be applicable currently include the use of dutiable alcohol liquor in the manufacture of chocolates. Whereby 100 kilograms of chocolate would not contain more than 8.5 liters, tobacco imports for use in research and spirits to be used in the to be used for medical and scientific purposes.

At Brunswick International our expert team will be able to help you and your company navigate the complexities of Excise Import & Exports. As one only three excise warehouses in the Liverpool city region we are well placed in helping a growing beverage industry in the Liverpool City Region export their produce to markets all over the world.

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