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Omnichannel Logistics at Brunswick International Freight.

"At its most basic level Omnichannel Logistics synchronizes inventory, logistics and distribution across sales channels in order to meet costumer demands. This involves every facet of the supply chain, including the retailer, manufacturer, distributer and wholesaler".

At Brunswick International integrated logistics is at the heart of our operations, ensuring that all parties are involved in the movement of Freight to it's destination. With the increase in consumer demands of 'next day delivery', 'fast delivery', 'delivery in two hours', 'order online and pick up from nearest store'. Means that businesses like Brunswick International Freight need new types of Warehousing operations. This is a historical shift in how freight is moved and customers are served, in the past when a customer placed an order online, their desired brand would pick the order, pack the item, and ship it to them from their ecommerce facilities. This is now all changing with the onset of Omnichannel Logistics has the advantage of fulfilling orders in a number of ways; is know a reality, no matter the size of the companies employing this strategy. At Brunswick International Freight it is a strategy that we are fully embracing.

What is an Example of an Omnichannel fulfilment Strategy.

Brands, collaboration with their logistics provider of their choice, can achieve fulfilment, in several ways. From warehouses (fulfilment centers), from stores or from 3rd party partners. The key is to break the barriers between channels to improve customer experience, increase channels, to improve customer experience, increase sales, and lower inventory cost this can be done via:

  • Buy online and then pick up in store.

  • Buy online and then return to store.

  • Buy in store, then ship from a distribution center.

  • Buy online, then ship from a store.

How can Brunswick International help in Your Omnichannel fulfilment.

Warehousing emphasize order processing capability and features related to order process such as packaging, waving, bulk picking, etc. In classic B2B fulfilment warehouse would, have a setup for receiving, storing, and packing the cargo that were designed for very large, bulk orders usually at the purchase order level.

On the other an Omnichannel Warehouse like Brunswick Internationals operate differently from a more traditional operation, as it handles order from all possible channels. Today, through omnichannel fulfilment, businesses can focus on delivering small orders even down to the item level, aggregating multiple small orders coming in from multiple channels into a combined inventory pile. At Brunswick International Freight our Warehouse is able to provide our customers:

  • Analyse their channels and orders: Size of returns, seasonality etc. To determine what type of omnichannel model should be implemented, what are the order interfaces with their end customers, what are the key indicators for each order, and what is the volume for each different channel.

  • Analyse their current warehousing set up: According to the nature of their produced items (as apparel, electronic, or else will need a different set up), looking into the packing unit for both inbound and outbound, what kind of labelling and barcodes are needed, what is the status with their quality control, their inventory, and additional services requirement. This also means looking into the layout design, the storage system, and the status of the current warehousing automation, if present.

  • Rearrange their Staff: At Brunswick International we take the training and development of our people ensuring that their skillsets on consistent with a Omnichannel fulfilment center.

How Does Omnichannel fulfilment help businesses? what are the benefits?

  • Profitability: Omnichannel fulfilment allows businesses to share inventory across channels, allocating products from different stores, and allowing the business to include any return back into stock as fast as possible, therefore improving their profitability and prevent costly overstocking.

  • Data insight: by providing data across channels from one source, omnichannel fulfilment allows customer to get better data insight for forecasting, planning, and making business decisions.

  • Market access: omnichannel fulfilment expands a business’ access to market via channels like online web shops, physical stores, reseller channels, etc. potentially increasing their cross-selling opportunities.

  • Extra value: when activated, omnichannel fulfilment can be combined with a wider range of storage options and configurable value-added services like. quality inspection, quality inspection, packaging, labelling, and sorting, expanding the efficacy of a business’ logistics.

  • Better end-to-end integration: powerful omnichannel fulfilment solutions that integrates with existing systems provide real-time visibility, improve operational efficiency and build stronger relationships with a business’ end-customers to drive a brand’s growth.

How is Brunswick International Freight Adapting to the Current trends in Warehousing.

With increasing levels of automation in the Freight and Logistics industry it is vital that businesses of all sizes are able to have access to greater levels of the global supply chain. Ensuring that they are able to get their products to rapidly changing markets in a efficient and timely manner. This ensures that competitiveness is equal for all companies whether they are large or small enterprises.

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