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Integrating Your Supply Chains for Modern Sustainable Growth.

The global logistics industry is currently faced with a number of pressing challenges, with complex challenges emanating from Brexit, COVID-19 and the ongoing War in Ukraine it is becoming increasingly important to how companies are able to move their products and goods to new markets to add flexibility, resiliency, and redundancy in their logistics operations.

At Brunswick International Freight Services we endeavor to continue on our path on becoming an Integrator of Logistics for all are clients all over the world. Integrating our clients logistics from factory to customer. This is were our 60,000sq ft Warehouse will play an increasingly important role.

Modern Warehouses Overcome Disruptions.

Companies in Liverpool are in need of flexible and timely solutions to combat logistics complexities. This is particularly the case in Warehousing. It’s crucial that these options not only address immediate storage needs, but also priorities sustainability right from the start.

Therefore, integrating supply chain operations and looking to ease the issues associated with UK trade in mind, Brunswick International Freight Services has developed a whole setup of possible solutions across the UK, including the Liverpool City Region. Integrating UK supply chains means connecting the dots of logistics for both import and export from one source.

Brunswick International is fortunate to have a 60,000sq ft warehouse the Liverpool City Region is home to the 4th largest port in the UK as well as connections to the UK's motorway and rail network all within the boundaries of the Liverpool City Regions freeport.

How to Remain Flexible and Resilient.

The UK's supply chains have historically been one dimensional and rigid. Such an approach in todays environment is neither strong or smart business practice. Shipments into and out of the UK have historically been sent on predetermined routes a long time in advance, without much scope for flexibility. Brunswick International aims to change this allowing our customers to move goods, into the UK at speed primarily with the opportunity to make secondary decisions, on future moves as the market dictates. This model enables our customers to make real time decisions as well as avoiding bottlenecks that could slow down their shipments at the time and ultimately reach the end customer faster.

At the same time demand may not marry perfectly with supply and companies could be at risk of overstocking in certain areas with slowing down the supply chain. What Brunswick International Freight is able to do within the Liverpool City Region is draw out the process and hold products via bonding until their required for market. This allows for a more free-flowing and integrated supply chain option for our customers. Another key advantage to the Liverpool City Region is it integrated transport network, allowing our customers to move their goods into our warehouse were they can be bonded i.e. exempt from tax until they are needed by our customer.

Maintaining flexibility in your supply chains enables your products to get to their destination on time and with minimal disruption, this also enables real time decision to be made about how and when products can get to market. By working with Brunswick International Freight, our partners are able to get their products to market in a seamless and stress free operation as possible.

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