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With our Excise Warehouse Brunswick International Freight our able to take Excise goods from the port directly to our Warehouse. As long as the duties have been paid at the port, once your goods are in our Warehouse. It is important to know which documents you need in order to move you Excise goods whether that be Import or Export.


Importing & Exporting Excise goods can be a complicated process it is therefore vital that you know what type of documentation you require when moving your goods from our warehouse. The documentation that you need are called WS documentation there are a number of variants that you may need depending on your cargo. The following documents that you will need in order for Brunswick International to help move your Excised goods to their market.

  • W1 Excise Warehouse Return: Is a form that Brunswick International Freight is required to submit to HMRC on the details of the tabaco and alcohol we have received from you, dispatched on your behalf and how much of your Excise cargo remains in our warehouse.

  • W5 Alcohol Remittance Return: Is a document you need to submit to HMRC in order to declare payment to Brunswick International Freight for excise duty on your goods.

  • W5D Alcohol Deferment Warrant: This document allows you to defer payment on Excise goods until they leave Brunswick International Warehouse.

  • W6 Tabaco Remittance Warrant: Like the W5 Remittance Warrant, this document you will need to submit to HMRC in order to declare payment to Brunswick International.

  • W6D Tobacco Deferment Warrant: Like the W5D document this allows you to defer payment of Tobacco products until such time threat you are ready for them to leave Brunswick Internationals Warehouse.


At Brunswick International we are able to move you Excise goods for you through, EMCS stands for Excise Movement & Control System which allows the recording of movements of Excise goods within the UK and between the UK & EU. At Brunswick International Freight we can apply for EMCS- As this allows us to move excise drink from Bond to Bond this is similar to how T1 movements happen. Without this we cannot move Alcohol from EXCISE to EXCISE, EMCS also allows for the real time notification and the dispatch and receipt of the goods ensuring peace of mind for your goods. At Brunswick International Freight we can also help you save time as Brunswick International has a responsibility to register our EXCISE REF/ BOND REF in order complete customs entries to pay the excise from our bond. This is called ATWD which stands for Alcohol, Tobacco, Warehouse, Declarations. The benefits of ATWD can help with:

  • Save time - Which prepopulated fields and calculations made for you and providing authorization/ rejections online so you do not have o wait two days for a paper copy.

  • Provides a more accurate returns - with automatic validation before submission.

  • Keep Records - by storing previously submitted returns and warrants.

You will get an immediate acknowledgement from HMRC of your submissions and a permanent record made for your use.

At Brunswick International our expert team based in the heart of Liverpool will be able to get you Excise goods to market were it is in the world. By choosing Brunswick International to move your Excise goods you can take peace of mind in the knowledge that your are working with expert team who know how to get goods moving to were they need to be.

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