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Demystifying Air Freight Terminology

With the need for agility in supply chain soaring, savvy companies are looking to add air freight to their mix of multimodal transportation. But if your unfamiliar with the industry, you might have trouble understanding the language used. Here at Brunswick International Freight we endeavor to ensure that our customers are amongst the most informed they can be.

Air Cargo

Goods that are transported by aircraft. These can be anything from lightweight computer chips to temperature controlled products. At Brunswick International we regularly move are clients Cargo via air for its safety and efficiency.

Air Carrier

The company responsible for transporting goods via Air think Fedex. For economies of scale, Air carriers typically use high capacity freighter aircraft to transport air cargo. However the demand is so great today that empty passenger aircraft are also used with goods stack on passenger seats. These are aptly named "preighters".

Air Charter

The exclusive form of air transportation requires the chartering of the entire aircraft. Air Charter is designed for customers for tailored made solutions. It is ideal for solution for companies with variable-sized or dangerous cargo goods cargo, or if delivering to a remote location with limited route schedules. This gives them more control over their cargo and helps avoids restrictions and delays in the cargos delivery.

Air Freight

The process of transporting goods by aircraft. Take care when using this term as it is often interchangeable with 'Air Cargo'. However there is a subtle but important distinction between the two. Air Freight is the mode of transport; Air Cargo refers to the freight being transported.


The delivery of goods by an exporter the (consigner) to a specified agent the (consignee) who then sells the goods on on behalf of the consigner. The consignor pays the consignee a fee for the sale of goods but retain their rights until all goods are sold.

Consolidated Air Freight

The combination of multiple consignments of air cargo into one consignment and transporting them all via a single aircraft to their destination. This is a highly cost effective way of transporting freight via Air. However unlike air charter, the customer does not get to control the exact time and place of departure.


A mode of transport where air cargo is transferred from one mode of transport to another. An airport, whereby air cargo is moved from aircraft to truck in last mile scope, is a prime example of Gateway.

Sea- Air

The combining of air and ocean freight services to maximize their respective advantages and create an integrated solution. This multimodal approach to transporting freight balances the low cost of Ocean shipping with the fast transit times of Air freight.

Unit Loading Devices (ULD)

The containers or pallets used to load and house goods on an aircraft. ULD are an essential part of Air Freight operations. Enabling fast and seamless air cargo transfers. Each ULD has its own unique seal and number to protect it from any interference.

There is a lot on offer when it comes to Air Freight solutions. When seeking to move goods via Air it is important that you and your company partner up with a company that knows what it is doing in regard. By partnering with Brunswick International Freight you and your company will have access to over 30 years experiences in moving Air Freight around the Globe for our clients.

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