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Brunswick International & Liverpool's Maritime Heritage.

With over thirty years of operating at the heart of the Liverpool Maritime and Freight industry Brunswick International, is proud to be carrying on the legacy of Liverpool's proud maritime heritage. The first dock to be established in Liverpool was the 'Old Dock' in 1715, with this Liverpool was able to establish commercial links with what was then colonies in North America. Liverpool made it's initial wealth from sugar, spices and slaves. Moving forward into the 19th & 20th centuries with increasing industrialisation, Liverpool's port facilities became even more important to the prosperity of not only Liverpool itself but for the UK as a whole. Playing a vital role in moving supplies and troops during both World Wars. With greater connectivity in the 21st Century, this has placed Brunswick International in the heart of another renaissance for Liverpool's Maritime & Freight industry.

Brunswick International Freight plays an integral role not only in Liverpool's economy, but the wider North of England economy ensuring that world leading companies are able to get their Products and Freight to market. Whether they are exporting to new markets or importing from long established relationships. Brunswick International Freight plays a vital role in keeping these relations healthy and increasing the UK's overall economic performance. Through our leading position in the Liverpool freight industry.

At Brunswick International we are proud to be carrying on that proud legacy of Maritime tradition that Liverpool has. We consider being from Liverpool as a unique selling point for the Brunswick International Freight, as Liverpool's maritime heritage is well established the world over. When speaking with long established clients in East Asia, North America or Europe, they speak of a confidence they have in Brunswick International's team to deliver for them on a consistent basis. As Liverpool's maritime's industry has evolved over the years, so has Brunswick International, continually investing in our people and our equipment to ensure that we maintain our position as not only one of Liverpool's or the North West England's leading freight company but that we maintain our position as one the UK leading freight companies.

This is based on the principle that Brunswick International Freight will always be there for our customers to deliver their freight in a safe, secure and timely manner anywhere in the world, and in doing so contributing to Liverpool's proud Maritime heritage in moving freight all over the world.

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