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5 Reasons Speed to Market Matters at Brunswick International

At Brunswick International Freight we understand that getting our customers products to market as fast and reliably as possible is vital to their success. In todays, competitive business environment, timing counts, and getting the right products to the right place at the right time. Speed to market is how quickly a business can go from conception of a product to shipping that product to it's designated market. As Brunswick International Freight is at the heart of the Liverpool freight industry, its vital to partner with a freight company that understands Speed to Market is vital for all business.

Choosing Brunswick International for your Speed.

Optimizing Speed to Market five reasons it matters at Brunswick:

  • Competitive Advantage- Speed to market is the first profit driver. By optimizing's speed to market and becoming a 'first mover' you can present and deliver your product to end customers before competitors, gaining an important advantage over. The earlier it gets to market the less chance it faces competition from rival products.

  • Greater Adaptability- If your business has adapted to Speed to Market, your business will be able to adapt a lot quicker to changes in the market. This will allow far more nimble decision making to match current and anticipated market changes allowing further first mover advantages.

  • Meet Customer Demand- When businesses can quickly deliver end customers the products they want, they boost customer demand and increase their chances of cementing their loyalty.

  • Brand Credibility & Loyalty- Your businesses speed to Market can help present a reputation for innovation. Getting good products to market fast increases your businesses chances of differentiation, customers are now more willing to change brands if they find a better deal elsewhere. If a business finds itself with a slower speed to market than its competitors, its must work harder to get the attention of customers.

  • Waste Reduction- Waste Reduction is minimizing the waste across the supply chain. Having the ability to get products to market quickly reduces the need for excess inventory, and the brand becoming obsolete. Optimizing's speed to market also requires streamlining operations in order to ensure resources are used more effectively and efficiently.

At Brunswick International Freight we work with our customers to ensure that their products are able to get to Market in a fast and reliable manner ensuring first mover advantage for our customer in their chosen business sector.

The Future of Speed to Market

With rapid technological changes in our society happening at such a tremendous pace that it is difficult for businesses to adapt quickly enough increasingly, however, speed needs to be balanced against sustainability. This is now at the hear of Brunswick International Freight operations. A 2022 CGS survey found 79% of consumers now believe sustainability matters, while 42% prefer sustainability over expedited shipping. According to a 2022 First Insight study, many businesses are yet to catch up to consumers’ increasing interest in sustainable shopping. Supply chain agility, flexibility and sustainability need to go hand in hand to allow businesses to customize supply chain velocity to align with customers’ preferences, as well as to meet their own sustainability targets. This will be a critical consideration for businesses in the years to come. As such it is important to partner with a Freight service that already takes these issues facing businesses into consideration.

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