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これまでになく複雑なグローバル取引環境において、効率的かつタイムリーに製品を顧客に届けるお手伝いをいたします。面倒な書類や変化し続ける関税環境への対応。ブランズウィック インターナショナルをあなたの側に置いて、これらの複雑さをナビゲートすることは有益です. 


01 Remote Location Filing

As a customs broker Brunswick International can clear all Import/Export cargo through any UK Port or Airport via the Customs Declaration System.

02 Automated Broker Interface

Having an extensive presence in the United States both on the East and West coast. Brunswick International can assist you getting your products to and from the United States via the Automated Broker Interface.

03 Real Time Status Tracking

To provide you with peace of mind we can provide you with a Real Time status tracking option which will allow you to monitor the progress of your products.

04 Bonded Warehousing

Brunswick International can provide your company the option of Bonded Warehousing. This will allow your products which are liable for Import Duty and VAT to be stored for up to five years.

一時輸入では、製品を英国に移動して、2 年以内に英国から再輸出することができます。ブランズウィック インターナショナルは、付加価値税と輸入関税の軽減を可能にするこのオプションのナビゲートを支援します。  

06 Carnet Issuance

Carnet Issuance, validations and cancellations. At Brunswick International we can assist you with Carnet Issuance which permits your company to import your products into the United Kingdom duty free and tax free for up to one year.



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